Introduction to Horsham Coworking Audioboo

I've created a short audioclip on Audioboo that introduces coworking and, in particular, Horsham Coworking. Interested in coworking? Give it a listen! I hope it explains the benefits of coworking. If you live in Horsham and want to give coworking a try, you'd be very welcome at the Horsham Coworking days.


So, for this Audioboo, I thought I would talk about coworking and, specifically, Horsham Coworking. I organise the Horsham Coworking days which happen every two weeks, between 10am and 4pm, upstairs in Carmela's restaurant.

Now you might be thinking "What is Coworking? What is all this about?" It's quite simple really, coworking is about working alongside other people in a shared space, getting to know other people, finding out about their values and skills, maybe becoming friends.

As a freelancer or home office worker, it's very easy to get into a kinda "head down, must get the work done" syndrome - and some days you don't even get out the house. So, coworking is a great way of getting out of your home office, breaking up your routine, meeting other people, sharing some time with them, getting some work done and, perhaps also collaborating in the future. It's much easier to collaborate with somebody if you know them - so that's where coworking comes in.

Coworking is also great for sharing ideas with people, bouncing ideas off other people, even thinking up new ideas yourself.

All in all, coworking is a great way of meeting other people and working alongside them. It's great for freelancers and anyone who works from a home office - so, if you fancy trying it out - come along. The Horsham group meets in Carmela's every two weeks on a Wednesday, so, if you want to try it out, get in touch!

We have a website, Horsham Coworking is also on Facebook that's, and I'm on Twitter. If you have any questions I'm on Twitter @clivewalker.

Ok, better go now. Speak to you again soon. 'Bye for now.

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