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News, views, and articles from a freelance web designer in Horsham, West Sussex. I publish regular articles; there is an RSS feed if you want to subscribe with, for example, an RSS reader like Feedly.

  • A screenshot of the website on a MacBook Pro

    Case Study: Web development for Sheila Coates Foundation

    I worked with Tracey Dowling from Kingfisher Design and Print on this project. Tracey created a fantastic design for the site and I built the site from the design graphics provided by Tracey

  • Man with Ipad showing bar charts on the screen

    Why Do I Need To Know Your Website Budget?

    When I get a web design request, one of the first questions I ask is about your website budget. What do you want to spend? Why do I ask this?

  • Railway station signage

    How To Improve Your Website Navigation

    Website navigation is very important. If your website visitors cannot move round your site and find the information they are looking for, they will probably go to another site. Here are some tips for improving your website navigation.

  • Tablet PC showing website business listings and addresses

    Tell People Your Address

    It's important to show a physical address on your website. It makes sense to me to be open and honest about your location. Here's why.

  • Screenshot of the Rioz Global website on a laptop

    Case Study: Web design and development for Rioz Global

    I designed and built a new website for Rioz Global, who are a warehousing and logistics company.

  • Calendar with notebook and laptop

    New Year Resolutions for Your Website

    It's a new year! And it's a good time to make sure that your website is working optimally for you. Here are a few sensible things to do with your site (not just at this time of year, mind you!)

  • Screenshot of the website on a laptop

    Case Study: A new website for Avon Forest Services

    I designed and built a new website for Avon Forest Services. The website has an easy-to-use content management system.

  • Toy stormtrooper next to laptop

    Does my website need an SSL certificate?

    Yes, it does! Read on to find out why you need an SSL certificate on your website.

  • A man looking at his watch and a smartphone

    Make your Website Faster. Trust me. Just do it!

    There are lots of reasons why it's a great idea to make your website faster. If you don't, it's probably losing you money! Here's what you can do.

  • Mac laptop and iMac on a desk

    Easy Website Backups

    It's important to have a website backup plan. And a process that makes it easy to create a backup. User errors, website hacks, or website updates that cause problems can be easily reversed if there is a backup in place. It's a bit like website insurance.

  • Clive Walker running

    A Demo Site. All About Me

    I wanted to learn new methods and code tips a few months ago. So, I've built a demo site that's all about me!

  • Screenshot of CK Energy website on MacBook Pro

    A new site for CK Energy

    I customised a WordPress theme to give CK Energy a modern website with a large home page image and a prominent call-to-action

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