Articles about CVW Web Design and how I run the company. Written from the perspective of a UK freelancer.

  • Clive Walker running

    A Demo Site. All About Me

    I wanted to learn new methods and code tips a few months ago. So, I've built a demo site that's all about me!

  • Christmas is here!

    It's been a very busy few months over the last quarter. There's been Horsham Coworking. And a host of website projects including redevelopment of Classic Bags. So, I'm looking forward to a few days holiday over Xmas and New Year!

  • Clive Walker

    What is my USP?

    I've thought about my business over recent days. One question I asked is "What is my USP"? My unique selling point. What makes me stand out from the 'crowd'?

  • Taking part in the Tag Soup podcast

    Last year, I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the Tag Soup podcast by Simon Cox. And, very excitingly (at least, for me), the first episode came out just before Christmas.

  • Clive Walker with a beer

    It's been a busy month

    I've had a very busy few weeks here at CVW Towers. Two website launches. One rush job when a client's old site went down. And the start of a new ecommerce site. Phew!

  • Changing things up round here

    I've decided to change a few things for CVW Web Design this year and I've started by working on this site. For a while now, I've been thinking that the site should be about me as a freelancer

  • A new logo for CVW Web Design

    We've just redesigned the logo for CVW Web Design and you can see the new version on the site now. It was designed to enhance the current site (rather than start a redesign).

  • Small company or freelancer?

    It's no secret that CVW Web Design is a vehicle for me, Clive Walker, to sell my freelance web design and development services. Yet, this website is designed/branded as a small company.