A new logo for CVW Web Design

We've just redesigned the logo for CVW Web Design and you can see the new version on the site now. It was designed to enhance the current site (rather than start a redesign).

In this case, we decided that a fresh pair of eyes was needed and we hired the talented freelance designer Liz Elcoate for the work. Her brief was to create a text-based logo that built on the current site design and colour palette, that could be used in different places around the web, and that was readable at smaller sizes.

Shown below is the new logo in blue and white (and reversed out). Liz also presented us with alternative charcoal grey version and business card and website mock-ups. Great work!

CVW Web Design logos

Here's what Liz had to say about the finished design:

I wanted the logo to reflect the class and integrity of your company and also be friendly and approachable to hopefully attract new clients

Yep, we couldn't agree more ;-)

And some of the design thinking:

Initials are never easy to work with and I wanted to give them a stronger aspect as they are the company's identity. To soften them and create more interest I've added a full stop after the CVW to separate it from the words "web design", which I've also moved below to give more of a logo layout.

The new logo really enhances the site and has much more of an identity than the previous version. Overall, we think the final result is fantastic. Liz has done a great job!

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