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Clive Walker running

Above: Running in the Dunsfold 10k race in 2016

I wanted to learn new methods and code tips a few months ago. So, I've built a demo site that's all about me!

I know that we all have our favourite ways of doing things and web development is no exception. And sometimes it's hard to break out of that.  I've always found that personal projects, such as Horsham Pub Guide and Clive Goes Cycling, let me try new things. In this case, for the demo site, it was different. I chose a website template that I liked and created a few new pages from that.

I made a few changes to make the template work with Perch, the content management system on this site. And I removed a specific dependency that I don't like. And added a web page transition (CSS animation) to fade in the pages when they load. That's new for me.

Actually, that last one triggered a few things in my mind. And I've signed up to learn more about CSS Animation (it's a fab course so far).

I've found the demo site very useful. It's given me a few new tools and inspired me to learn more. That's actually why I started "doing websites" in my spare time (a few years ago now).

I should do this type of thing more often. There's my first resolution for 2018.

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