Perch CMS Development

I have built many sites with the content management system (CMS) called Perch and have been using it to help clients update their websites since 2009. For various reasons, it's not my go-to CMS for new sites any more but I know the Perch system very well and can help you with it.

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Doing More with Perch

I'm an experienced Perch developer so whether you need to manage web content in a site, like Sheila Coates Foundation or FEMAS, or you need a project page like the Harrabin project pages - I'm here to help.

Moving Away from Perch?

You may not want to stay with Perch. That's fine. Things change and your website requirements may be different now. I can help with assessing your site and suggest other systems, for example Kirby CMS, that are also easy to use and that have powerful features and a low maintenance overhead. If appropriate, I can convert your Perch site to Kirby.

Perch Updates

Need assistance updating your Perch site? I can help.

  1. I'll check your website and, with your approval, make a copy.
  2. I set-up a test site here which is as close as possible to your web hosting and web space.
  3. I'll run the Perch update (stepwise if necessary) on the test site.
  4. If everything looks OK, I'll carry out the update on your live site (I'll back-up the site before I do this).

A Perch site update is from half a day's work (£180). I'll send you an estimate when I have more information about your site.

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