It's been a busy month

Clive Walker with a beer

Above: Celebrating a busy month with a quick pint. Not really but I feel like I've earned it! [Picture: Jim Gooch]

I've had a very busy few weeks here at CVW Towers. Two website launches. One rush job when a client's old site went down. And the start of a new ecommerce site. Phew!

The two site launches were Beaver Cars and Horsham Amphibians Triathlon Club. Quite different with equally different audiences and objectives. I've worked on both for a few months and enjoyed each project. The sites use different content management systems and I changed a few things in the way that I built them. Hopefully, this will make me more efficient when updating these and for building new sites. Yay!

The rush job was a new website for Kelgray Products who had a problem with their old site. Luckily, I had been working on a new site for them and it was approx. 75% completed. So, with a few days work, and at short notice, I made the site ready for launch and it went live within a week.

The ecommerce project is for an exisiting client where we have decided to redevelop the site using a different ecommerce platform. That's been quite a big change for me because I am very familiar with the old site and the software that runs it. But, for various reasons, we need a different approach now - and that's one of the reasons for using WooCommerce and WordPress for the new site. I've worked with WordPress for several years but WooCommerce is a bit new. It's been great to learn though! And it should make the site a lot better and easier to manage going forward.

All in all, a busy month but very enjoyable as well!

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