WordPress Development

There's a very popular website content management system called WordPress. It's a big and powerful system. I will build a site with WordPress if this fits your requirements and budget. 

Update 1/2022: I'm no longer taking on work for existing WordPress sites that I didn't build myself. This is because of other work and the time involved in taking on a new site.

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Customise a Theme

One way of using WordPress is as a cost-effective "design shortcut" using the WordPress themes marketplace. I'll take a theme, based on careful research, and customise it for you. This builds on the theme's design and a website can be designed and built relatively quickly.

Of course, it's not a completely unique and bespoke design but it may be appropriate if you only have a budget for a few days work.

Example Themes

These StudioPress Themes for WordPress are the best that I've found.

  • Clean and attractive designs
  • Mobile device friendly features (the design is easier to use on smartphones, tablets etc.)
  • Great for customisation!