Changing things up round here

I've decided to change a few things for CVW Web Design this year and I've started by working on this site. For a while now, I've been thinking that the site should be about me as a freelancer rather than CVW Web Design, the business. I wrote about this last year in Small Company or Freelancer and there are several reasons behind the decision.

  1. I am actually a freelancer so, whilst I normally tell people the first chance I can, let's be straight about that from the get-go.
  2. I cannot be "all things to all men" so a change in focus reflects the realisation that I should concentrate more on what I do best .... and what I enjoy.... which is designing and building websites and website management.
  3. The site has been about the business/company for ten years or more so it's time for a change.

As a result of this decision, I've changed things over the last few weeks by rewriting the content around me and by refocusing the site. For the refocus, I've removed a page about SEO and a couple of old pages that were no longer relevant to the current site. Additionally, I've deprioritised web hosting and dropped it from the main menu because, although I provide web hosting for new clients, it's not something I want to offer to everybody.... and it never has been.

No more SEO: I'll be outsourcing this to another company if I get requests.

Writing the content around me has felt a bit strange and it's been tough to get out of the habit of writing "we" and replacing it with "I". Still, I'm gradually getting used to it.

It also felt a bit odd when I put a photo of me on the About Me page. I've used photos of me on other sites but not here before.

Anyway, I'm happy with the changes and am looking forward to seeing how they work out!

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