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Posts about Ecommerce with some suggestions for improving your online sales. Case studies describing ecommerce websites that I’ve built.

  • Why Choose WooCommerce

    I've been using WooCommerce on a couple of projects recently. It's a nice piece of software that is ideal for many small and medium-sized businesses that want to sell online.

  • Improving ecommerce sales with product reviews

    In Three Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Sales, I suggested adding customer reviews to your site. To follow up on this, I came across an article recently that described how a customer review widget increased ecommerce sales by 36%.

  • Three tips to improve your online sales

    Ecommerce is hard work and it's tough to make significant sums of money by selling products online. This post is about making a few changes to your ecommerce website that will, hopefully, improve sales

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  • Part of the SnoodyDo logo

    Case Study: SnoodyDo Website

    A case study that describes how we built and set-up an ecommerce shop for the fashion accessories brand SnoodyDo.