What is my USP?

Clive Walker

I've thought about my business over recent days. One question I asked is "What is my USP"? My unique selling point. What makes me stand out from the 'crowd'?

I came up with a few possibilities:

  • I have more than 12 years experience as a freelance web designer and developer. No mean achievement, some might say.
  • I work with a powerful website system called Perch. It has many advantages and fewer people use it than, for example, WordPress.
  • I'm 'local'. I live and work in Horsham, Sussex. It's a medium-sized town with 'digital' companies and freelancers. But, it's not as big as other towns nearby.
  • I work with Windows and Mac. Not everyone does.

These are all good points but "What is my USP"?! I still wasn't sure but my web colleague Joel Hughes gave me feedback that provided the answer. It's me!

Of course it is. People come to me because I'm a trusted, friendly, independent freelance web developer. I am the USP. No other business has me!

With this in mind, I've started making changes to this site to emphasise the point. In truth, this is a continuation of changes I made before but hadn't followed up. Even so, it's great to move forward with a better focus.

Every business is different. But, why don't you review your business and ask the question,"What is my USP"?!

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