You're paying for my time and knowledge and skills when I build a website for you. I've been building sites since 1997. Websites are usually custom-built to meet your objectives. Each website is different but some general prices are shown below.

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Web Design and Development

A brochure-style website with content management system is from £1200. An ecommerce site is from £2400

Adding a content management system like Perch to an existing site is from £400.

Here are my standard Terms and Conditions.

My day rate is £320 ($480).

Domain Names

  • - £15.00 per year
  • .com - £22.50 per year
  • Other names available on request

Website Management

Website management plans start from £80/month for priority access to an agreed amount of time every month.

I charge an initial fee of £160 (4 hours) to take on the management of a new (to me) WordPress site. This is so that I can assess your site and identify any issues (and give you an estimate). Also, it gives me time to take a backup of your website, and set up a test site if needed.

For one-off site updates, there is a minimum charge of £40.

For older WordPress sites that have not been updated recently, there is a minimum charge of £80.

Web Hosting

  • A brochure-style website = £12.50 per month.
  • A database site = £15 per month
  • A WordPress site with backups = £20 per month.
  • Ecommerce hosting = £25 per month

See Web Hosting for a description of the web hosting that I provide.