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News, views, and articles from a freelance web designer in Horsham, West Sussex. I publish regular articles; there is an RSS feed if you want to subscribe with, for example, an RSS reader like Feedly.

  • Computers

    Make sure you have a website backup

    You may assume that your website has a backup - but does it? You need to have a backup plan for your site. Here are some ways of doing that.

  • How I plan and create my email newsletter

    I started a Website Tips and Tricks email newsletter in February. The newsletter's aim is to pass on a few pointers that will help improve a website. And to highlight some of my work. I've enjoyed creating the newsletter and this is my process for getting it done.

  • West Sussex Clocks website on different devices

    Case Study: West Sussex Clocks

    West Sussex Clocks needed a new site to replace a home-built website that was difficult to update. In particular, the new site needed to be easy to use so that new clocks could be added quickly every week.

  • Hands typing on a keyboard

    How to Write More Blog Posts

    Have you forgotten when you last updated your website? Are you finding it tough to write regular blog posts? Read on for my tips that will help you blog more.

  • Computer screen showing website visitor graph

    Every website needs love and attention

    It's true that you cannot expect to get much from your website if you ignore it. And why would you? After all, you have spent good money hiring a web designer in the first place, why launch the site and leave it idle?

  • Clive Walker

    What is my USP?

    I've thought about my business over recent days. One question I asked is "What is my USP"? My unique selling point. What makes me stand out from the 'crowd'?

  • An image of an older man as used on the site

    Case Study: Cloud 9 Care

    A case study about the design and development of a new site for Cloud 9 Care - a home care and personal care services company in Essex.

  • Different types of content collections

    Making it easy to reuse your site content

    Making it easy to reuse website content is often claimed but not always achieved. The use of content item collections and blocks containing different types is a great way of doing this. That's where the website system Perch Runway excels.

  • Need help managing your WordPress website?

    Is your site built with WordPress? Not sure about updating plugins and WordPress itself? Well, site management might be what you need. Read on to discover why.

  • Coffee cup and notebook

    Keeping it Fresh as a Freelancer

    The freelance web designer/developer lifestyle is great. You work from home in your PJs, drink coffee all day, have a 'flexible hours' contract with yourself, and take the dog for a walk at any time of the day. Yay!

  • Smartphone and tablet on a table with two pairs of hands

    Google gets tough with website owners

    Google is getting tough with website owners. It has started sending out notifications (via Google Webmaster Tools) if your website is not mobile-friendly.

  • Why Choose WooCommerce

    I've been using WooCommerce on a couple of projects recently. It's a nice piece of software that is ideal for many small and medium-sized businesses that want to sell online.

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