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News, views, and articles from a freelance web designer in Horsham, West Sussex. I publish an article every month and there is an RSS feed if you want to subscribe with, for example, an RSS reader like Feedly.

  • Someone using an iPad

    Why you should check your website visitor statistics

    I had a meeting with a client last week where we discussed a potential website redesign. We checked website visitor statistics to see how many visitors used mobile devices. Higher than expected!

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  • JM People Strategies screenshot

    Case Study: JM People Strategies website

    A case study describing how I developed a website for training and coaching consultancy JM People Strategies.

  • Optimise images for better search engine rankings

    It's important to name and describe images on your website as accurately as possible because this will help Google and other search engines understand the images and use them in search rankings.

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  • Quick Tip: Helping reduce comment form spam

    We all know that contact forms on websites can attract a degree of spam comments but these can be minimised with a few simple measures.

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  • Improving ecommerce sales with product reviews

    In Three Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Sales, I suggested adding customer reviews to your site. To follow up on this, I came across an article recently that described how a customer review widget increased ecommerce sales by 36%.

  • Laptops, hands and notepad with writing

    How to review your website content

    I've written a couple of posts about adding content to your website, for example Four Reasons why you Must Update Your Website and Ideas for Updating Your Website, but it's equally important to take stock and review your website content regularly.

  • The George and Dragon at Dragon's Green

    Reviewing Horsham Pub Guide

    I run Horsham Pub Guide as a bit of a 'hobby' site and it was one of the first sites I created. However, it struck me recently that I really ought to review the site in order to take it forward.

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  • Changing things up round here

    I've decided to change a few things for CVW Web Design this year and I've started by working on this site. For a while now, I've been thinking that the site should be about me as a freelancer

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  • Three tips to improve your online sales

    Ecommerce is hard work and it's tough to make significant sums of money by selling products online. This post is about making a few changes to your ecommerce website that will, hopefully, improve sales

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  • Review of 2013

    It's been a good year for CVW Web Design. We've tackled some great projects, learnt new skills, worked in some different locations, and been to a few fantastic web conferences. What's not to like?!

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