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News, views, and articles from a freelance web designer in Horsham, West Sussex. I publish regular articles; there is an RSS feed if you want to subscribe with, for example, an RSS reader like Feedly.

  • A new logo for CVW Web Design

    We've just redesigned the logo for CVW Web Design and you can see the new version on the site now. It was designed to enhance the current site (rather than start a redesign).

  • Introduction to Horsham Coworking Audioboo

    I've created a short audioclip with Audioboo that introduces coworking and, in particular, Horsham Coworking. Interested in coworking? Give it a listen!

  • Make a sitemap file for your website

    A sitemap will tell Google and other search engines about your website pages. It's a list of all the pages in the site and it can be helpful for prompting Google about new pages - and for getting feedback from Google.

  • Small company or freelancer?

    It's no secret that CVW Web Design is a vehicle for me, Clive Walker, to sell my freelance web design and development services. Yet, this website is designed/branded as a small company.

  • Speedometer dial

    Why Website Speed Matters

    We've been optimising this website recently and making it as fast as we can. Without going into the technical aspects of how we do this, let's ask the question. Why does website speed matter?

  • Working with Perch

    I've joined the Perch Registered Developers Programme because I love working with Perch. It's a great website content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to update your website

  • Working with a laptop

    Ideas for updating your website

    In the last post, we described Four Reasons Why You Must Update Your Website. Following on from that, here are some ideas about how you can make regular updates to your site.

  • Four reasons why you must update your website

    We see plenty of websites that are not updated very often and it's incredibly easy to fall into this situation. However, it's very important that you regularly update your website for several reasons.

  • Why Google+ is very important for local businesses

    For businesses who are promoting themselves locally, Google Plus is essential. That's because Google+ Local (Google Places) businesses are displayed prominently in search results for searches containing local search terms.

  • A quick tip to improve your search engine rankings

    We get asked a lot about search engine positions and how to improve them but there's one quick tip that we always give. Read on to find out out more!

  • Website screenshot

    New website for Harrabin Consultancy

    Last week, we were pleased to launch a new website for Harrabin Consultancy who provide quantity surveying, project management and consultancy for the construction industry.

  • What we need from you to design/build a new website

    There have been a few occasions recently where potential clients have asked for website quotations without providing the appropriate information (or, in fact, any information). So, here's what we want from you in order to give a quote and, hopefully, design and build a great website!

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